06 February 2014

In My Kitchen!!!

Today I will mostly be in the kitchen......playing with my new cooker that was delivered yesterday to replace my poor old thing that was on it's last legs.
The colour has certainly brightened up the kitchen which at this time of year is pretty dark.
Think I'll start off with a pot of Leek and Potato Soup and a Victoria Sponge.
Bye for now

04 August 2013

Weak As A Kitten!!!

The heat and the decorating have finally knobbled me and I have had to spend the last couple of days pottering about trying to finish off the big card order. Two more to make today and then it's done and dusted and I can start on my Christmas cards. I need to get everything done by the beginning of November so that my customers and the shop have everything they need and I can get on with getting ready for New York.
I promise I will get some pics on here as soon as I have some cards done.
Mr Manic is going to help me put the bedroom back tomorrow as I am having trouble lifting anything. We have to go out first to The Range to pick up a couple of things....including some new mugs as the mister has banana fingers at the moment and is breaking a mug every other day. Clumsy old so and so. I hope they have some red and white spotty ones as he has broken mine.
Oh crikey......look at the time. I'd best go and get some shuteye.
Tara for now.

01 August 2013

Good Morning!!!

Well today is day four of the bedroom makeover and I have to say that I have just about got enough patience left to see it through.
So many niggly little problems left by the previous owners that had to be sorted out before I could start on anything.
Anyhoo.....the pink marbled wallpaper is gone at last and has been replaced by three walls of cream and one feature wall of black wallpaper which I found in the bargain bin at B&Q. Sixty pounds worth of designer wallpaper for nine pounds and it's gorgeous.
There is just one and a half pieces left to put up today and one more coat of paint on one wall. Once that is done I will shampoo the carpet and then I can get on with my favourite bit of putting the room back together....yay!!!
I should have had help in the shape of DD but she has gone on to a new job where she works and is no longer doing a week of nights and a week off so I got Mr Manic from Monday to Wednesday......and that is all I'm saying on that matter as if I went into any details I may not be able to remain ladylike in my language......lol!!! I will just say that my poor Smudge has a not very fetching cream blob and stripe on backside which Mr Manic denies responsibility for....even though he was the one wielding the paintbrush yesterday.
Missing my Doodle Bird who is down in London on holiday with her other Grandma and Grandad. She's having a lovely time but I can't wait for her to come home.
This morning I have along list of house jobs to do before I can go back upstairs so I had best get on and get it done.
Tara for now.

09 July 2013

Melting Point!!!

Ooooh I hope this hot weather isn't set to go on for too long. It's making me so crotchety and headachey. Don't get me wrong.....I love to see the sun making everywhere bright but I just don't like the heat. It's too hot to take Ruby to the park even as there is no shade. We are having garden picnics and paddling pool days in the shadiest bits of the garden and when she gets tired we crank up the fan and lie on the sofa watching either Despicable Me or Monsters Inc......depending on which is the current favourite of The Princess.
I have to admit that mine is Despicable Me.......I just love those minions.
Very lazy food being prepared and eaten. Mostly salads and cold meats but everyone seems happy with that.
I have Ruby for a couple more weeks and then she is off to London for a holiday so I have booked myself to give the main bedroom a bit of a makeover as it hasn't really been touched since we moved here. Luckily DD will be off work so I will have an assistant. Can't say that I am looking forward to it but it has to be done.
I think I shall go and get a cold drink and then have a lie down in front of the fan. It's stifling in this back room tonight.
Tara for now.

27 June 2013

Good Morning!!!

Well things are looking a little brighter here at Manic Towers.
DD is over her tonsillitis just about and my bronchitis is on it's way out. Just a nasty cough to get rid of now.
Not much of anything getting done this week as I have Mr Manic under my feet. He's on holiday from work.
Miss Ruby will be here shortly for a couple of hours and then we have to go and pick up London grandma from the station. She is coming to look after Ruby for the weekend while DDIL takes DS away to Liverpool.......one of his birthday treats. He was thoroughly spoilt.
I've just put a curry on to cook for hubby and DD's tea. Gawd knows what I will have. Much as I love the smell of curry I just can't eat it.
I'm still quietly crafting in spare moments. Yesterday I was sorting out a box of cards and ended up bagging and pricing Christmas cards. I have just a few more cards to make from the big order and then I guess I had best make a start on some more Christmas....yay...my favourites.
Right......Miss Doodle is due so I had best go and sort out her lunch.
Tara for now.
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